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If you are excited about the first rays of Spring sunshine bursting through the clouds and are looking for a new way to get outdoors this year, then why not try geocaching?

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Geocaching is a modern version of treasure hunting, where the GPS co-ordinates of the location are shared along with a clue or two to help hunters find the ‘treasure’. Caches can be big, including trinkets and momentos to be swapped, or tiny, with only a logsheet to record who has found it.

However, the real fun isn’t in the treasure, but the hunt itself. Most geocachers are passionate about outdoors, and share trails with great views and interesting landmarks. People are also very creative when it comes to disguising caches, hiding them in hedgerows, under rocks and even within snail shells!

The sport is growing in popularity, with over 1.3 million caches recorded worldwide. Use our geocaching maps to help you find one on your next outdoor adventure! – Free maps, routes and trailz online.

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